At THOR Global Defense Group we offer an assortment of ranges which are available to our members.

  • Covered 100 meter Rifle Bay
  • 40 meter Pistol Bay
  • 360° Shotgun / Rifle Bay

While using our standard bays why not step it up a notch and provide yourself with life size target stands which are perfect for various training and situational exercises.

We also offer LaRue pop-up targets which offer instant gratification of knowing you hit your target at a distance and wont require walking down range to check. After a few moments the target will also reset and allow you to continue shooting with enough time to make any adjustments necessary to improve your shot.

Our standard 100 meter rifle bay is the perfect place to take a group of friends and do some target shooting. The bay is perfect for practicing standing and prone positions with your rifle as well shooting as close as 25 meters. While you are here you should come in and try some of the Class 3 Firearms we have available for rent as this bay is perfect for firing a fully automatic weapon.

Our 40 meter pistol bay is an excellent location to brush up on your Familiarization of your Concealed Carry Firearm. In this bay you are able to shoot as close as 3 meters to the target allowing you to practice real life situation drills. Thinking about getting your Concealed Carry License? Our pistol bay is used during all Concealed Handgun License Classes therefore making it the perfect place to practice with your firearm. \

Wanting to brush up on your Tactical Shooting? Part of a Police Force or Military Unit and dont have a location to practice Team Exercises or Unit SOP’s? At THOR we offer a 360° Shooting Bay which is open to all members. You can design and set up our modular shooting targets and obstacles and train at our facility. Practice Shoot and Move techniques, target recognition, and even partner/team exercises all with the ability to shoot in a full 360° environment.

For more information of designing a course for your Team or Unit contact us at our Pro Shop or at 479-474-3434.